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iOS 12 Exclusive Game . Release Feb 18-19, 2019.

iOS 12 Exclusive game First teaser screen of the iOS 12 exclusive game. The game is a mix of old retro style Arcade combined with the latest gaming technology available on the market. The game is in the final stage of polishing. The music is a mix of real retro 8 bit music combined with real industry synthesizers.  The art is made using traditional pixel art.

Gameplay There are several ways to play the game. The different styles have their own high score table.
Release Date Feb 18-19, 2019
xxxxxxxxxxxxx (first time ever made on mobile gaming)xxxxxxxxxxxxx  (don't let them outsmart you)xxxxxxxxxxxxx  (won't make you dizzy)3D Touch Support.Dynamic custom made high score tables. Old School Music & Fx combined with real synthesizers.(More features to be announced)
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iOS 12 Apple exclusive game coming soon

iOS 12 Apple Exclusive game coming soon An iOS 12 Apple exclusive arcade game will be released in Jany 2019  early February 2019. The game has been in development along other projects since early 2018. The game features will be the first of it kind ever created on mobile gaming. Stay tuned for public announcement.

Apple Watch Game Block 2D Review By Geeks Corner

Apple Watch Game Block 2D Review by Geeks Corner
Geeks Corner U.K making a review of Apple Watch game Block 2D (old version). The new available version has an customised design for every single Apple Watch Supported. The game includes the Apple Watch , iOS , and Apple TV version. The following Apple Watches are supported.
Apple Watch Series 2 , 38 mmApple Watch Series 2 , 42 mmApple Watch Series 3 , 38 mmApple Watch Series 3 , 42 mmApple Watch Series 4 , 40 mmApple Watch Series 4 , 44 mm

iOS - Apple Watch Game Block 2D v 2.4.2

iOS - Apple Watch Game Block 2D v 2.4.2  Block 2D v 2.4.2 is now available on Apple App Store. Whats new in Block 2D v2.4.2 • Apple Watch Series 4 Support. • Customized user interface for Apple Watch Series 2,3,4. • Super fast user interface on Apple Watch. • iPhone Xr Support. • Various bugs resolved.

Happy New Year Emoji Stickers updated

Happy New Year Emoji Stickers for 2019 Happy New Year emoji stickers have been updated and are available on Apple App Store.
Happy new year 2019!

Block 2D update coming Jan 1-4 2019

iOS - Apple Watch - Apple TV Block 2D update coming  Jan 1-4 2019.Bug FixesExchanged user interface for Apple Watch Seriers 4 (40mm - 44 mm) (2018)iPhone XR Support .User-interface improved for all  older and new Apple devices 2018. (iPad,iPad Pro, iPhone Xs,Xs Max,Xr).Improved Apple TV User interface.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy All apps/games are created with your privacy in mind. This includes. No data collection. No personal Tracking. No 3:rd party software used.